Supporting Independent Living

What services can Caring Personal Assistants offer you?

1. Personal Assistants
​We understand that letting somebody new into the safety of your home may be very daunting. This is why we take care to ensure that the assistants we employ and send to you are professional in their job and have a caring nature to put you at ease upon meeting them.
We aim to limit the number of different assistants that come to you so that it is easier to get to know them better and vice versa. All our assistants are compassionate, considerate and caring, ensuring that your needs and opinions are put first.
They all hold a valid DBS/CRB certificate and we regularly encourage them with onward training so that they can be in a better position to support you or your family member more successfully.

​They can assist you with:

- Personal care

​- Food preparation/assistance to eat/drink

- Communication, banking and other paperwork

- Social outings

- Attending appointments/meetings with you

​- Social/emotional support

​- Household tasks such as laundry and cleaning

​- Shopping 

​​2. Tailor made care plans
Your care plan is all about you and your wants/needs. Your care plan won't be like anybody else's because you are not anybody else. 
We will find out from you what it is you want to gain from us and how much/how little you require our presence to be and from there we can assign an assistant to best suit you when you need them.

3.Independent living advice and consultation 
​Have you never had a carer before or have you been managing your own carers but now want to pass the responsibility onto someone else?
We can talk you through the whole process and the options that you have.

4. Mobility and transport assistance and funding
​We can help advise you about options and funding towards your mobility and transport needs, aids and adaptations as well as help you to arrange the necessary changes and take the stress away from yourself.

5. Support provider change
​Are you looking for a different support provider? Changing over to us is made so simple. We can arrange all the paperwork and speak to the necessary people.

6. Payments and Funding advice
​If you currently receive a Direct Payment from your local authority, then there will be absolutely no change to the hours you currently receive in your support package. All that is required is a meeting with your nominated Social or Key Worker to confirm a change in support provider.
If you require help with paying for your care, we can talk you through the options and help to arrange any funding that may be available to you from your local authority.

7. Social services advice
We can help you navigate your way around social services.

8. academic study support
We can provide:
- An in-house amanuensis to help during lectures and with assignments.
- A disability trained assistant to ensure you can travel to and around campus.
- Advice and help in applying for Disabled Student Allowance.