Advertising, vetting and recruiting a personal care assistant, carer, support worker, or however you are most comfortable referring to them as to take care of you or your loved one can be a time consuming, and sometimes intimidating task. After all, this person will be coming into yours or your loved one’s lives and home and, can often become an essential part of their lives.
Our recruitment service involves:
An assessment of your needs and requirements
An advertisement to draw in suitable candidates qualified to meet your needs and requirements
Interviewing and vetting candidates  
Arranging a DBS check if needed
Introducing you/your loved one to a candidate after you have had a chance to look through their details and assess their suitability yourself
Obtaining your feedback about the candidate
If you or your loved one aren’t happy with the candidate or didn’t get along with them, we will continue the process with another candidate
Once you have found a PA you are satisfied with, you become their employer and manage all employer obligations yourself. We can provide a managed account service for you to assist managing your direct payments and a payroll service to assist with paying your PA/s

Your support plan details everything that you consider important for someone to know in order to successfully support you

Direct Payment and Managed Accounts       £400  per annum plus VAT

Payroll Services

Employing a PA

Support Planning                                       £250  per annum plus VAT

A managed account service enables you to manage your Direct Payments and any personal contributions you are required to provide. You get the full decision on how they are used and who you want them to be paid to.
The council will pay your Direct Payment to us and we pay your support provider or your PA's directly.
A managed account service covers:
Setting up your own bank account
Receiving Direct Payments and ensuring they are correct
Paying all relevant bills such as care agency fees and PA Wages
Dealing with payments due to HMRC
Keeping an accurate record of all monies in and out of the account and providing you with statements showing all transactions
Dealing with any and all audit and inspection checks carried out by the council

Employing a PA                                          £ 995 per Personal Assistant plus VAT for a successful match including training and DBS checks,

                                                                care certificate, 4 spot checks per annum. Free replacement within 3 months of starting

                                                                Introductory Offer and discounts available

Support Planning

Direct Payments & Managed account services

If you employ you own PA/s, we can help you in all aspects of paying them.

We will ensure that all payments are made correctly and on time, whilst keeping compliant with all HMRC regulations.
All national insurance, tax and pension deductions are taken care of and payslips are sent direct to your employee each month.
Your money will be kept in a bank account specific to you. You just need to confirm with us how much to pay your employee. This confirmation can be made on a weekly or monthly basis if your employee does different hours each week, or if your employee does the same hours every week/month, you will only need to let us know if there are any changes such as holiday, sickness etc.
You will receive regular statements from us detailing the incomings and outgoings on your account, including confirmation of payments made to HMRC.
We keep up to date with the latest regulations so you don’t need to worry about the financial side of your support.

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