What Makes CPA So Different?


CPA Ltd is not like your average Care Agency. The first big difference is that we don’t supply Carers, but instead employ Personal Assistants that can provide Personal Care & Domiciliary Care where necessary. In addition, we aim to provide dedicated and specifically assigned staff for each Service User, so that once you are happy with your chosen staff team, you can actually get to know your P.A.’s rather than simply getting whoever is on shift. This means a better quality of service as staff know you, and you know them. This helps to significantly reduce the stress that can occur from having to constantly brief new staff on those specific details that are both personal and important to you.

CPA Ltd is also able to offer a more flexible package construction. In a nutshell this means that we are able to accommodate and offer packages from scratch, or assist in building on elements of an existing package that you already have and are happy with. For example, many of our clients already have a full running package and are happy with most of their current staff, however they find that the work and time associated with running a care package can become tiresome, stressful and time consuming.

Simply keeping up to date with things like payroll, staff and rota management, regulations, holidays and cover or proceeding’s and repercussions should a problem arise is a lot of liability to accept. In this instance, CPA Ltd are able to take over management of your package which can include taking on your current staff as our own employee’s. By doing so, we are able to lift all the complications that you may face when running a package and allow you to enjoy your life and make the most of your time, whilst still giving you full access and participation in all aspects of running your package.

Our dedicated staff are also able to offer personal assistance in areas of life that most Care Agencies and private care staff would not offer, such as assisting in the organisation of mobility and transport. As a company, we can assist in tasks that you may be unfamiliar with, such as securing funding for mobility and organising all the associated and necessary insurance and requirements concerned with running a vehicle. This is just one such example of the many ways that CPA Ltd strive to offer that extra level of service that really sets us apart and ensures that you get the best service possible.

If you currently receive a Direct Payment from your local authority, then there will be absolutely no change to the hours you currently receive in your support package. All that is required is a meeting with your nominated Social or Key Worker to confirm a change in support provider.

In summary, CPA Ltd offer a Comprehensive Personal Assistant supply and management service for individual Service User Packages that allows for full Service user input and participation whilst removing all of the associated responsibilities and liability from the Service User.


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